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ON Page SEO Expert In Bangladesh

ON-Page SEO is most important for Google Ranking. Because if your On-Page SEO is not good then google and other search engine do not understand what’s information carries your website.
If They do not understand your website content and structure then it’s hard to rank google SERP ( Search Engine Result page)
So you Must do Proper On-Page SEO Service for your E-Commerce website, Business Website, Service Website, or any kind of website.
Mehedi Hasan Zihad ( MHZ SEO ) Provides you the best quality On-Page Optimized seo service.
Which can boost your Google ranking and get organic visitors through the search engines.

Google Have 200 plus Ranking factors and We have 100+ checklist that helps you to make user-friendly website content.

MY ON-Page SEO Process

1. Optimized Website

Our First Step in On-Page SEO Service is to optimize your websites properly because we need to know how your website performs now and see the structure and content format of any website.

2. Find Out All Issue

Our 2nd Step is to Find out all issues in your websites and make an XL sheet where we write all problems of your website and see the content format, is it friendly for search engines and users?

3. Fix All Issue

3rd Step is Fixing all issues on your live website. We have 100+ SEO Checklists that help you to increase your ranking on google and provide you the best result on SERP.

4. Submit Report

After completing the 3 steps we create an XL Sheet and submit your full report. in this part, you will know how to use your website in the future and what to do with your website next

Here Is my 2 Newly website organics results from the Google search console

2.Off-Page SEO Expert in BD

Off-Page SEO is the Second Ranking factor according to all seo specialists in Bangladesh and worldwide.

What is Off-Page SEO? in one word off-page SEO is sharing your website with others high quality and relevant websites.

if your website has 40 positions on google SERP Then you just try to do some quality backlinks or link building for your targeted pages.

It will help you to move your website from 40 to 1.

best seo expert Mehedi Hasan Zihad (MHZ SEO) Provides you with Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 link Building services in Bangladesh.

And all are white hat methods your website will not be penalized from google or another search engine.

Our Off-page SEO service is the best link-building service in Bangladesh, the UK, US, PK, CA.

So if you want to white hat and 100% safe service for building your domain authority we are here for you.

3.WebSite Audite Expert in Bangladesh

If you have broad websites like eCommerce, business, and other big websites. and big websites have a lot of pages. which are really impact your Google ranking. WHY?

Because you don’t know which pages are not crawled in the search engines if you do not know which pages are not indexing on google then you just spend your time and money.

Because if those page is not indexing then your webpages are not showing on google SERP( Search Engine Result page.)

That’s why you must need a website audit service.

MHZSEO have premium and free tools to audit your website and fixing

  • Broken Links
  • Thin Content
  • Title optimization
  • Description fixing
  • URL Prefix
  • Page Speed
  • Indexing Problems
  • image optimization
  • Site Structure 
  • and lots more 

So If you want a premium Website audit SEO service in Bangladesh just contact us.

4.Content Writing Expert In Bangladesh

In 2021 Content is king. If you have online business like website, youtube channel, facebook business page and others you must create best quality content for your users.

if your content is great then you will get the best result.

In SEO Sector all search engine are talking about quality content not quantity.

Google Jhon Muller Always says focus on creating and serving quality content that satisfied the users.

if your content satisfied the users then google is rank your webpage without any backlinks with safe mode.

MHZSEO (mehedi Hasan Zihad ) Have a 5 members team who knows the search intent and also have an good knowledge about SEO keyword research and on page seo.

So when we write your content focusing on User intention and create a premium comprehensive content that’s rank on google first page.

recently i work with paymentsave compay and write all content and also design their every page layout.

My Content Writing Process

1. Research Your Niche

Before we writing content our first concept is to Research your topics or niche because if we know the topics better then we provide you the best quality content. 

More Research more powerful & in-depth content that helps you to rank better for the organic result on Google SERP.

2. Find Out Competitors

On the internet, if we don’t know who is our competitors and how they write content that’s already ranked on the first page. then we missed our ranking 100% that’s why we also count their words, Images and also check the format for creating and providing high-quality content. 

3. Observe Competitors & User Intent

These Steps are most important for us because we observe SERP and Competitors also.WHY?

Because more research and user intent can help us to give powerful information about your keywords also.

4. Start Writing

Now time to start your in-depth article that gets rank on the google search engine. 

After completing the 3 steps we will ensure your content is better than your competitors.

5.Keyword Research Expert in BD

The keyword is the foundation of SEO. Every Website owner needs this keyword research service badly.


Because if you choose the right keyword with high search volume and low competition.

It will help you to rank first on google’s SERP Page.

But most website owners make mistakes when they research their keywords.

They focus on website design, development page speed, Mobile responsive or not but the first work for your website is to find out the profitable keywords that rank quickly.

Because only one keyword can change your business life.

MHZSEO specialized team have 5 most popular seo tools such as SEMRush, Ahref, LongTail Pro and Mangotools that helps us to find out great keyword for your business

We are the best Keyword Research service in Bangladesh.

Keyword Research Process

Keywords Research is the foundation of SEO, So that’s why we follow our 4 steps that given below. This steps help us to find out revenue generate KW.

1. Research Your Niche

Proper keyword Research needs proper research. but most of the website doesn’t follow this steps for finding out the win keywords. In 2021 keywords are the most important part of Google ranking. So Our First step in keyword research is to Research your keywords efficiently and provide you the best list of keywords.

2. Find Out Competitors

We also list competitors and put down on SEO tools like ahrefs, semrush and others to check which keywords also they rank and if we have done this then it will give us the lowest competitive keywords that are also helpful to find out the best keyword for Bangladesh or others country.

3. List Keywords

Now we create an XL Sheet and list 100 or 50 keywords and also put down the search volume each keyword and KD(Keyword Difficulty) 

4. Select Final Keywords

After completing our 3 steps process we will get the best keywords for our website.

6.Local SEO Expert in BD

In 2021 all businesses are shifting to the online industry. Because all users are using now Digital media like Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and more digital platforms. if a user is gathered here so every businessman needs to connect with their targeted audience.

That’s why all offline businesses shifting now to digital business.

If you have an online business in your area then you must need a Local SEO service.


Because of millions of people search on google or others search engine and they query.

Like if you a restaurant in Dhaka. So users go to google and search the best restaurant in Dhaka if the users find out your business on google first page then they come to your place or order online.

So Customers come to you through search engines.

That’s why you need a Local seo expert in bd who brings your website and location on Google First Page.

7.Pinterest Marketing Expert in BD

If you have an affiliate site or eCommerce site or Business or Services Website Pinterest will help you to increase your audience through Search Engine and Pinterest.

In the UK, US, and Canada there are a lot of people using Pinterest for a better view of their products.

and the most important part of this Pinterest is

Pinterest pin rank on google first page without any content or backlinks.

MHZSEO provide you the proper Pinterest marketing service in US, UK, Canada, BD, and others country with their secrets methods that’s can help you to grow your audience list.

Here is my One website traffics only from Pinterest.

8.Facebook Marketing Expert in Bangladesh

100% of Internet users and 80% of users use Facebook and spend 3hrs to 5hrs daily. so there are many more targeted audiences for your business.

If you have an online business and don’t know how to create a Facebook page, promote FB page or content plan.

MHZSEO has an excellent service for you with the lowest price in bd. We already worked with 30+ Local Clients in Bangladesh and they boost their sales using our comprehensive digital marketing service.

So if you want to boost your business on the internet planet contact us we will help you with our best team, best effort and best strategies.

9.Web Development Expert In Bangladesh

Are You looking Best web development company or agencies in Bangladesh, the UK, the US, Canada Mehedi Hasan Zihad (MHZSEO) is the best option for you?

If your budget is low and wants a great website for your eCommerce, business website, service website, or blogging and affiliate website.

We are here for you with our best team.

We can develop your website within 7 days.

About Mehedi Hasan Zihad

Mehedi Hasan Zihad is the best seo expert in Bangladesh.

He is a trainer in Bangladesh LEDP ( Learning And Earning Development Project ) Also trained 200 students, Now I am working on CPA, Affiliate, and Local Digital Marketing Services, recently I launched MHZAcademy, Where you will learn the basic to advanced level marketing like SEO(Search Engine Optimization ), Facebook Marketing, Pinterest Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing and more. If you want to learn the real way that affects your career MHZAcademy is the best choice for you.

and I am also serving Best SEO Service in Bangladesh, UK, the USA, Canada, Pakistan, India, and other countries through MHZSEO.already completed 20 plus SEO Long term projects including BD, PK, USA, UK.

Now I am working ( Mobile Reviews Website ), ( Pakistan Web Development Company ), Blogging Website), as an SEO( Search engine optimization)  manager. And the interesting thing is I have my own 10+ CPA and Affiliate websites and 5 websites are ranked on google’s first page and others have the 30 to 50 position on the google SERP Page.if you want to earn money through SEO, CPA & Affiliate must-watch videos on my YouTube channel.

The Role Of a SEO Expert?

A SEO Expert Guy Managed Owner Website all SEO Part On-Page, Off-Page & Technical and optimized all pages for search engine and users for rank websites on google first page.

Website managed and optimization is not easy because it takes a lot of resources for powerful content that’s make your pages informative for this job an SEO expert guy do a lot of things like research, find out competitors make a plan and strategy also create a site architecture and fixing site performance.

The main goal of all SEO Experts is how to rank their client websites and get organic quality and quantity traffic from search engines.

How Search Engine Works?

Every Search Engine Works 3 Steps.

  1. Crawling: every Search Engine Have Crawler or spider Who goes to every websites and crawl all websites pages and element if the content and websites match their criteria then search engine crawler going to next steps.
  1. Indexing: Here Search engine store all webpages basis on their categories like the images and in this list the best web page indexing 1,2,3,4,5……….
  2. Result: Here User comes to search engine and search what they want and all search engine bots gives the best result on users query.

If you follow the images you will get all answers or you can see my youtube video here

My Best SEO Tips For Granted Ranking

If you are beginners or advanced in SEO industry and want to rank your first or existing website then follow this exact method or tips that can helps you more.

Here is my 5 Best SEO tips for you in 2022.

  1. Keyword Research : yes keyword research is most most important part do low competitive keyword research, first of all select 200 search volume keywords and see the SERP is there any website where a low domain authority website are exist on the top 10 if yes then there is a chance to get the first page .
  2. keyword clustering: Keyword clustering is a very effective for ranking, now the question is what is keyword clustering? It’s a simple way to optimized your content with more LSI keywords or relevent keywords likes if you writing about What is SEO it’s a primary keywords and SEO tips, SEO Factors, How to do seo, what is on page seo it’s all are keyword clustering.
  3. Page Layout: If your pages are not well layout then it’s not working in 2022 because of content engagement is most important part for ranking and if you increase your engagement you must need a great layout with infographics and good UI, UX.
  4. Fress Topics: Add some new fresh topics on your content because there are same topics thousands of website alreay add so if your content is same then eventually it’s not working for you so add some fress topics on your content.
  5. Website Speed: Choose a great hosting and themes and speed up your website for google core web vitals.

Youngest SEO expert in Bangladesh

Mehedi hasan zihad is the youngest and energetic SEO expert in Bangladesh. I am starting my career as an SEO specialist in 2019 and in these 2 years I am rank more than 5 Plus CPA, Affiliate, and blogging websites. Recently I have launched an Academy the name is MHZ Academy Where you can learn SEO, CPA Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Pinterest Marketing If you want to grow your business online follow my channel where I am sharing my knowledge about SEO and Digital Marketer.

White hat SEO expert in Bangladesh

Mehedi Hasan Zihad is a white hat SEO expert. I always follow the white hat technique because this strategy takes a long time but when it works gives me a long way to run my website on google’s first page.

There are lot of peoples only doing Backlinks that’s can decrease any website but if you do link building follow white hat method then it’s easier to rank our website and also there are no problems if google update their algorithm.

So If you want to rank your website with a white hat I am here ( mehedi hasan zihad ). Contact me anytime.