CPA Marketing For Beginners: Step By Step Guideline ( 2020 )

Blink Blink, Do you want to make money online with CPA step by step CPA Marketing for Beginners guideline in 2020.

In this article, I am showing you Beginners to advance level marketing strategy for CPA.

How to get traffic and promote offers With Ninja Techniques.

When I started CPA marketing, I didn’t get good traffic and leads.

Because I used to spam method to promote my offers, Like Facebook groups, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and another website.

Post randomly and share link everyone and got banned from my account.

But Typically these are not real strategies of marketing.

Because every Marketplace needs a targeted audience to sell its products in an online platform.

So End of this article you can find out the best and comprehensive working ways that bring up $5 to $50 daily.

Follow each topic in this post for basic knowledge.

Because If you know Basic then you will able to go advanced levels.

Now I am earning daily $5-$10 through one website.

Here is the screenshot of my half-day earning with

CPA marketing Earning Proof

I am working with last 6 month and this is the best network for CPI offers and mobile content locking.

my, all methods are free.

There are no Social media or youtube traffic.

I am using the SEO method and rank my website on google SERP page and get organic traffic daily.

This is my DEC 2019 Earning from Ogads/Ogamobi

CPA Marketing for beginners live earning proof from CPA networks

In this post, I am showing you everything about my methods.

SO, Please Read Each topic for how to works CPA and make money online quickly.

Here is today’s agenda

  1. What Is CPA Marketing?
  2. Why CPA?
  3. Best CPA Network For Beginners
  4. Join CPA Network
  5. Promote CPA offers
  6. How To Get Traffic For CPA Marketing
  7. CPA Marketing Ninja Techniques – Earn Daily $5-$10

What IS CPA Marketing?

CPA Means cost per Action or Cost per Acquisition. Where you can get paid for every action.

like sings up, pin-submit, zip-submit, Form submit this type of acquisition.


Think one of your friends has a restaurant company and he offers,

if you sent traffic my company website and your traffic have done anything like email submits, ZIP, PIN and filled up a form Than I will give you $2 per Action.

So This is the main point of CPA.

There are many types of offers in CPA Marketing

1.CPI(Cost Per Install)

  • Offers you install mobile apps or anything.

2.CPL(Cost Per Lead)

  • Paid For Each Lead Like email submit.

3.Two types of CPL.

  • Single Optin
  • Double Open

4.CPC(Cost Per Click)


Why CPA?

Three main reasons for Joining CPA.

1.Earn Money Quickly

Why I am saying this because here in this field you can easily promote offers and get paid for every single action.

So, That’s why CPA is best to Earn money.

2.High Payout

There are many CPA networks online and some networks pay high EPC every offer.

So if you spend $10 on your campaign then you can earn $20 or more.

But must need good Networks.

3.Makes You Proper Marketer

When you run paid campaigns this period you have gathered advanced knowledge about Digital Marketing, Link tracking, and ad sets.

Brain Dean has a post about CPA marketing ultimate guideline please read this blog.

Best CPA Network for Beginners

Are you beginners Please join this best CPA Network now.

  • OGADS (Popular For Content Lockers)
  • CPABUILD ( Popular For Content Lockers)
  • cpalead

IF you Advance In CPA Please join this network

  • Maxbounty
  • Peerfly
  • Crackrevenue

How to join CPA Networks Easily

Simple step to join a CPA network without any problem.

First of all, you need to know which network is best for you there are many Networks but some are not good.

So that’s why research and find out best for you.

Here I am showing you how to find out good offers with high Payout Networks.

Step 1#: Find out a Good offers

CPA network offer selection from

This is the best platform for finding good offers and networks.

Here you can find out which offers are trending and how much they pay for each lead and sale.

If you want CPL offers then search on the offervalut bar

looks like>–

CPI offers selection CPA marketing Beginners

So here showing you some trending offers for lead generation.

Typically there are many types of offers and niches like Real state, Health, Beauty, Diet, Content Lock (Niche: Game, Giftcard, Movie, Cheats code, Premium Plugin) and more offers.

When you select your desired niches and offers to join that’s the network.

Before Joining any Network Company please check the review for that’s the website.

[ Now The Question Is How to Do that ]

Step 2#: Check to Review

Must go to this site and spend some time on which network is best for you and check their minimum payout.

Check Review every CPA networks for Beginners

Step #3: Create an Account

Here I am showing you how to approved easily if you got approved ogads than same all CPA networks for Approved

Best CPA network Ogads for Beginners

Beginners are must join This network.

They have 1000+ offers and 100+ reviews.

I am still working with this network and happy because they paid me timely and conversion ration is awesome.

If you want to quickly approved ogads join with my referral link.

join CPA networks with ogads

Step #4: Information & Traffic Source

Go to This site and click the sign-up button.


Gives your all information

  • #1 Filled form and gives your information
  • #2 Add Your present address with actual information
  • #3 Traffic source

Many people are not given proper Traffic sources for That’s why they don’t approve.

When you are given actual method on how to generate your traffic like

How to explain your traffic source

How to write a Message for approved in CPA networks for beginners

And you must be added manager skype on your PC.

Step: #4 Finish

That’s all  [ Cheers ].

How To Promote CPA offers

There are many ways to promote offers.

But you need some experience like link tracking, How to make a landing page, Sales funnels and paid campaigns.

Now I am showing you the actual way and get traffic.

How to get Traffic For CPA Marketing

If you want to make money online then must be need traffic.

Because traffic is everything.

But beginners don’t know how to do that.

Two ways to Get Traffic

  1. Paid Marketing
  2. Free Marketing

1. PAID Marketing:

Must need Money around 500 dollars to 1000 dollars for learning how to set up a campaign.

So it’s costly and complicated.

You can promote your offers with

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and other social media sites.

Because this site has an option for ads.

If you are pro in the Marketing field then it’s for you.

2. Free Marketing

I am always using these methods to generate traffic and earn money from online.

Here is the Best Way to Promote your offers.

1.How to Get Free Traffic Using [ SEO ] Methods

SEO is the best method for beginners.

We all are using the Google search engine.

per minute of 3.8 million people search on google.

So there is big traffic for you.

And this all is organic and free.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search engine optimization where a website or pages optimized for search engine and ranked the first page in SERP(Search Engine Result Page).

So The main point is Ranking a Website on Google or other website and get traffic organically without paying anything.

Two Types OF SEO

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

There are many Ranking factors.

If you want to learn SEO Basic To advance visit our other post.

Click here.

Get Traffic For CPA marketing Using [ YOUTUBE ]

Youtube is another search engine where people spending time and watching videos for any topics.

So You have a good opportunity for getting free traffic through youtube.

But must need good and quality content for users.

Makes 50 videos for your products and offers and publishing on youtube and SEO every Video.

CPA Marketing Ninja Tactics For Earn Daily $5-$10

Now time to make some cool thing.

Here is the ninja technics which can make you a pro cap marketer and SEO expert.

If you are beginners then this is the best method for you.

I always working on this method and still earn $25-$50 Dollars every day only one website.

So How I do that with proper explanation.

When I am starting CPA marketing doesn’t know how to promote offers even doesn’t know what is landing page.

Then I am working hard and finding ways to make money with CPA.

And know about the Content Lock method.

What is Content Lock?

A content lock is a method for Lock premium things like videos, books, software, games, Links, tutorial, and more items.

When someone needs this premium item we through the offer.

If the person completed offers the link automatically unlocked this is called content lock.

Here we using the Content lock method for offers promotion.

Why we use content Locker for CPA marketing?

Content locked is best method to make money with CPA marketing quickly.

We are doing SEO for Rank our site worldwide for that’s why our traffic is coming from anywhere in the world.

If we using This method then we do not need to tense for our offers because these locks automatically provide a smart link.

So that’s why we using the Content lock method.

We already know which networks we used for promoting Content lock.

Now time to make a CPA niches website.

[ Let’s Started ]

1. Join Best Content Locker Network

First of all, we need a good content locker network. and are one of the best mobile content lockers website.

I already have shown you how to join ogads easily.

2. Select Profitable Niches

Niche is the most important part of the affiliate and CPA marketing Field.

In these ninja methods, we are using the Content lock method and drive traffic to our locker page.

So we choose game hacks, movies, gift card hack, Cheats-codes, Premium WordPress theme, Premium Content like (Book), Udemy Course Video.

We work only micro-niches.

3. Buy A Domain

Please do not use the free domain because it’s waste your time.

Be a professional on an online platform for trust.

So we buy a domain around $5-$7 from and the name of the domain based on our niches.

4. Buy Hosting

Hosting is another most important part.

If you are using low type hosting then it’s harmed for ranking.

Because the site has problems when users coming to your website.

Best Hosting that I used

I am using hosting it’s really awesome.

Buy this hosting only for one year and it costs around $50-$60  for the grow-big WordPress hosting plan.

5. Setup WordPress

If you are using siteground WordPress hosting plan then it’s easy to set up just one click you are done.

6. Keyword Research

Now time to research good keywords for quickly ranking.

Find out a Low Competitor but high volume keyword.

You can be using ubbersuggest free SEO tools for a competitor and keyword analysis.

Analysis and find out a keyword for your blog.

7. Make A quality Content For Ranking First

Content is King So we must create quality-full content around 2000-3000 words each post and pages.

Put down 15 posts in your CPA niches site for Getting better result On SERP( Search Engine Result Page)

8. Doing On-Page and off-page SEO

Install Yoast SEO plugin on WordPress it’s totally free and helps you On-Page SEO for Better Optimization.

9. Share All social media site For Google Signals

Create an account for every social site and share your blog through social media for Google signals.

So these 9 steps bring up you A pro CPA marketer.


Everyone wants to make money online and they finding the best ways and skills for makes penny’s quick.

But we forget success is not coming quickly it takes time and also needs consistency.

There are many ways to make money online but CPA marketing is one of the best methods to earn quickly and learn easily.

So that’s why I am giving this cap marketing beginners guideline article where

I am trying to show you how to earn $10 to $25 dollars daily at home.

But you must need to be dedicated and active.

Just learn SEO properly because if you are a Professional SEO Expert then you are able to be

Earn from 10+ areas without any doubt.

you will earn

  • Digital Marketing
  • Online Jobs
  • Offline Jobs
  • CPA marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google AdSense
  • Freelancing (Upwork + Fiverr + more areas)
  • Websites Sell
  • Lead Generation
  • SEO service Locally & Remotely
  • Lot’s more…

So Learn SEO quickly and earn money quickly with cap marketing.

I am believing if you follow my all steps then you will able to be a good CPA marketer.

If you start CPA marketing from today just comment below

“Want to be CPA marketer”

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